New single stems released

Manchester dance-rock outfit Delphic have released the stems to their new single 'Counterpoint' as a free download.

Manchester is probably the ideal place to start up a dance-rock outfit. The ghosts of Factory Records linger on every corner, while you can hardly walk down the street without bumping into a member of New Order.

Newcomers Delphic are the latest in a long line to blend rock melodies with dance beats, however they seem to be doing a little better than most. Well, we say a little - a lot better.

Delphic are signed to Belgian powerhouse R&S Records whose alumni include Aphex Twin, Jeff Mills, Juan Atkins and many, many more. A pivotal dance record label R&S snapped up the group after seeing them play live.

A riotous live act, Delphic have teamed up with techno guru Ewan Pearson to record their debut album. The group make their music on laptops before working out how to play it live, stitching together the parts to craft a rave-like euphoria.

New single 'Counterpoint' is the first track to be lifted from their forthcoming debut album. As a treat to fans Delphic have released the stems to the track as a free download on their official site, meaning that anyone can have a go at remixing the song - dancefloor democracy in action!

Stems are normally quite rare, and stems featuring work by Ewan Pearson are the equivalent of gold dust in the dance world. Be sure to grab a copy before they're gone...

Delphic's new single 'Counterpoint' is out now. The group's debut album of the same name is due to be released later this year.

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