Fred again.., Brian Eno Tease Joint Album ‘Secret Life’

And it looks set to land this week...

Fred again.. and Brian Eno seem to be teasing a joint album ‘Secret Life’.

The two have known one another for some time, and Brian Eno became a sort of ad hoc mentor to the electronic wunderkind. Fred again.. have found immense fame as a producer, most recently performing at Coachella alongside Skrillex and Four Tet, while gaining the biggest crowd of the weekend in the process.

It seems that Fred again.. and Brian Eno will link once more on ‘Secret Life’. The joint project – we’re assuming it’s an album – is set to emerge on May 5th via Text Records, which is of course Four Tet’s own label.

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Four Tet blabbed the news over on IG, sparking wild speculation on social media. Some enterprising fans have noted that exists, and currently plays static – is an album playback in line to occur?

Brian Eno spoke to Apple Music last year about his creative relationship with the younger artist. “When I first worked with Fred I could see he was brilliant,” Eno said. “It took me quite a while to think ‘Oh my gosh, this is really a new idea about how you can make music. So I learnt a lot from him.”

“What I noticed with Fred is that he would start something, and he wouldn’t turn it into a loop that’s going to run through the whole track.”

“He’d just have it running for a tiny little bit and then he’d put something else there! [His pieces] are  very non-linear; he doesn’t clean everything off, so in every piece of recording, there’s a sort of context that comes with it as well. The sound has a history built into it.”

Find the interview in full below.

‘Secret Life’ will be released on May 5th.

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