Franz Ferdinand Covers EP

Featuring LCD Soundsystem and more...

Franz Ferdinand are set to be the subject of a new covers EP featuring LCD Soundsystem and more.

The new Scottish gentry, Franz Ferdinand are fond of a knockabout cover or two. In the past honouring their influences by covering them onstage and on record, the band are now set to be the subject of a unique tribute.

Prepared by long term home Domino in time for Record Store Day (April 16th – jot it down!) a new covers EP features some startling re-workings of Franz Ferdinand material.

The new EP focusses on the band’s recent album ‘Tonight’ and features some all star performances. Cult New York post punk group ESG are taking part, while Canadian filth merchant Peaches also contributes.

Perhaps the most exciting performance is courtesy of LCD Soundsystem. The New York giants are soon to depart, after arranging a final farewell show for their hometown’s enormous Madison Square Gardens.

However James Murphy has decided to tackle Franz Ferdinand before leaving behind the moniker. LCD Soundsystem are to cover the Scottish group, re-paying a favour the Glasgow band once gave them.

Enormous LCD fans, Franz Ferdinand covered ‘All My Friends’ as a guitar song. Re-tooled as ‘Aw Ma Pals’ the new version was even placed on the flipside of a 12 inch courtesy of LCD Soundsystem themselves.

Agreeing to tackle Franz Ferdinand, the New York group are using one of their final recordings as a tribute to the band. Due to be released on 12 inch vinyl, the forthcoming EP also contains guest appearances from Blondie icon Debbie Harry and Magnetic Fields mainstay Stephen Merrit.

Excited? A little, now you mention it…

Franz Ferdinand ‘Covers EP’ is out on April 16th.

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