Franny Arrieta's 'Let Me Live' Breaks Out Of A Toxic Situation

Franny Arrieta's 'Let Me Live' Breaks Out Of A Toxic Situation

It's a bold return from the hugely independent artist...

Franny Arrieta wants to use what she's got to get what she needs.

Building her profile on social media and YouTube, she's developed a massive following, working completely outside of the accepted channels.

Developing an individual voice, this latinx talent is able to tackle the music industry on her own terms, utilising a very DIY mode of self-expression.

The New Jersey based Colombian-American music artist opens up a fresh channel with bold new single 'Let Me Live', a song that deals with Franny bursting out of a toxic situation.

R&B meets future pop with the occasional jazz dalliance, it's a bold, flexible move from an artist who won't compromise on her sound or ethics.

"'Let Me Live' was actually brought to me during a studio session in Miami by singer/songwriter John Luis and I immediately connected with it," she tells Clash. "We re-worded some of it to fit my story a little better and I was apart of adding and writing the bridge to the song. I really felt like the song needed a bridge to slow it down a bit and give it a little bit more intimacy."

"'Let Me Live' is a song that is extremely relatable to so many people because from my experience with boys and stories I’ve heard from friends, sometimes your significant other can be a little too controlling and you just need them to take a step back and give you the space that's needed."

"This is something I saw all the time in high school and a lot of my friends sometimes couldn’t hang out because they’re boyfriends wouldn’t let them. But for me it’s basically telling a boy to take a step back and trust me, that he has nothing to worry about, I’m his and no one else’s, but you gotta let me live to keep whatever we got going smoothly."

She finishes: "Controlling relationships can be very toxic and sometimes you have to just put your foot down to save that relationship."

Bold, exuberant pop music laced with incredible creativity, you can check out 'Let Me Live' below.

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