Frankmusik Album Update

Release date announced

Electro-pop star Frankmusik is due to release his debut album ‘Complete Me’ on July 27th.

Real name Vincent Frank, Frankmusik is a bright and bold new talent. Beginning life as a beat boxer named Mr Mouth, the electro star applies this sense of originality to his new dancefloor based music.

Debut single ‘Frankisum’ brought the singer some attention, and led to a deal Island Records. Currently celebrating their 50th anniversary, Island is a legendary talent spotter having previously launched the careers of Bob Marley, U2 and many more.

Earlier this year Frankmusik released the single ‘Better Off As Two’ which flew into to the Top 40. However an unforgiving record company rewarded the singer with perhaps the year’s most unusual tour thus far.

Named ‘Live And Lost’ it featured Frankmusik being abandoned in a secret location with only his Blackberry and £20. Forced to book his own shows, the singer eventually made his way back to London for a spectacular homecoming gig.

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A noted remixer, the producer has already worked with the likes of CSS and recent Brit Award winners Pet Shop Boys. Frankmusik is set to release his debut album ‘Complete Me’ later this year.

A stunning collection of tracks is showcases the sheer diversity of this young British talent. Released on June 27th the album will contain the singles ‘Better Off As Two’ and ‘Confusion Girl’ as well as a host of others.

Released on July 13th, forthcoming single ‘Confusion Girl’ has won some famous admirers. One time Neighbours actress Holly Valance appears in the video for the song, which could well become a summer anthem.

Glistening synth pop, it is a mark of Frankmusik’s talent that he has already prepared a ‘night’ version of his debut album – due for release later in the year.

Frankmusik is set to release his debut album ‘Complete Me’ on July 27th. Tracklisting is as follows:

‘In Step’
‘Better Off As 2’
‘Gotta Boyfriend?’
‘Confusion Girl’
‘Your Boy’
‘When Your Around’
‘3 Little Words’
‘Wonder Woman’
‘Complete Me’
‘Vacant Heart’
‘Time Will Tell’
‘Done Done’
‘Run Away From Trouble’
‘Olivia’ (hidden track, on physical copies only)

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