...and slates Bob Dylan
Frank Turner

Ever since his Million Dead days, Frank Turner has always been outspoken.

Rarely holding back, a recent interview saw the folk-punk artist probed on the issue of acts playing seminal albums in their entirety.

The conversation wandered, with Frank Turner picking up on groups who refuse to play hit songs. Noting Radiohead's reluctance to play 'Creep' the singer labelled the band "petty".

Cue all manner of online outrage. In a blog posting on his site, Frank Turner shrugged off criticism from what he termed "indie Beliebers" although he did admit that the comment was "the comment was lazily put".

Clarifying the point, Frank Turner said: "When you're playing a live show and charging money for people to come, you’re also an entertainer, whether you like it or not. My frustration is with bands who see that description, 'entertainer', as some kind of slight."

"In some cases it’s almost like the audience is an imposition on their sacred creative act. If that's how you feel, don’t play shows and charge people to come to them, stick to the studio. Perhaps a better example than Radiohead and 'Creep' is Bob Dylan. When I saw him play it was just shit, and he was pretty openly trying to piss the audience off."

Concluding the blog, Frank Turner wrote: "I guess what I’m saying is, there's a middle way between being slavishly populist in your setlist choices, and only playing weird obscure B-sides. Dropping a song that everyone in the room wants to hear every now and again isn't 'selling out' or whatever, it's entertaining, and that's at least part of the job description."

(via NME)

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