But they won't be splitting up...

A new blog post from Elizabeth Fey has revealed that Foxygen are riddled by inter-band fighting.

Foxygen have enjoyed a remarkable rise. Indebted to the psychedelic 60s, the American group have become critical whipping boys but now boast an enormous global fanbase.

Continual touring has put pressure on the band, but a new blog post (via Pitchfork) from touring member Elizabeth Fey has revealed the extent of their in-fighting.

Fey is currently in a relationship with Sam France, revealing that France and Jonathan Rado have no real friendship. "It was strange meeting (Rado) and knowing they were supposed to be a 'duo' but there was no friendship at all just contracts that needed to be fulfilled."

Exposing the depth of the in-fighting within the band, Fey dismissed accusations that she had been unprofessional on Foxygen's last tour. "At the end of the UMO tour Rado and Shaun blamed all the problems in Foxygen on me, I was the perfect scape goat: the only girl, a new member, a loud opinionated female. Rado said things like I was “unprofessional" which is just a joke. I am unprofessional while Shaun Fleming was/is hitting on teenage girls all the time online, Joe just got jailed on the last tour for being drunk, and Rado couldn’t even tell me any of his problems himself."

At one point Elizabeth Fey reveals that she and Sam France are starting a new band, but the note finishes by wishing Foxygen can continue. "Hopefully Sam and Rado can learn how to compromise and be good friends again. I’d even try to be Rado’s friend again if he genuinely cared or was sorry, but he isn’t. Despite everything, I love Sam a lot. He is an amazing song writer who will continue to make inspiring music. I really like Foxygen the music, just have some problems with the members. I really do wonder if anyone other than Sam and Justin believe in things like peace & magic."

Pitchfork have contacted Foxygen's publicist, who states that the band are currently working on a follow up to debut album 'We Are the 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace & Magic'.

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