On X-Ray?

Wirral based producer Forest Swords is set to press new music onto X-Ray for a live arts event.

Releasing his debut LP 'Dagger Paths' last year, Forest Swords introduced something very, very special. Turning the infinite space of dub in on itself, the producer hinted at an intense claustrophobia.

The manipulated vocals may have recalled Burial but the music seemed to hint at the processes behind post-punk groups such as Cabaret Voltaire.

Deeply inventive, Forest Swords is now set to produce new music for a forthcoming arts event. 'Spectres of Spectacle' is part of the Abandon Normal Devices festival, and will feature "three self-destructive tracks".

The music was crafted by Forest Swords earlier this year, inspired by his father's recollections of areas in Liverpool now demolished. Forest Swords and Maria Minerva will showcase their work longside visual artists Anat Ben David (Chicks On Speed) and Victoria Gray.

In homage to the Soviet era technique of magnetizdat Forest Swords is set to press three unreleased tracks onto X-Ray (via FACT). Working in collaboration with producer Samizdat, the limitations of the format mean that the first listen will be the last.

Visitors to the exhibition will also be presented by a textual score for the music, crafted by avant garde writer/performer Nathan Walker.

Themed around hautology, Mercy creative director Nathan Jones explained some of the ideas behind the project.

"Hauntology is interesting to us because artists across disciplines have different takes on it – it’s got currency from the musicology of Simon Reynolds, but also you have this new school of experimental writers who deal explicitly in re-appropriation, and of course Derrida is very important to performance artists too. It’s also a great excuse to work with Forest Swords and a massive smoke machine.”??

'Spectres of Spectacle' takes place in Liverpool's Static venue on September 29th.

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