Foals Share Playful Disco-Fuelled Single ‘Looking High’

It's fuelled by a lust for hedonism...

Who doesn’t love a little bit of funky slap bass to brighten their day? Indie rockers Foals are back with yet another disco-tinged single in the lead up to new album ‘Life Is Yours’, out June 17th.

‘Looking High’ is sonically playful; Foals have managed to capture a dancefloor-worthy sound that is bright and airy, a light and glitsy flare of energy. It oozes serotonin, as twangy riffs guide you through and enchant your senses.

The single further cements emphasises the vibrancy that ‘Life Is Yours’ is shaping up to embody. ‘2am’ had an equally as disco feel, with a sharp, infectious soundscape that captures just how enticing the party truly is, even when you should probably call it quits. ‘Wake Me Up’ feels like the sonic equivalent of the after party – still relishing in the afterglow, the joy still thrumming round your system.

As vocalist Yannis Philippakis explains, ‘Looking High’ aims to explore themes of rebirth and glittery nostalgia. “This is looking back to a more hedonistic time in my life, and a more innocent time in society in general, pre-pandemic and before the existential threat of climate change… It was before clubs started to close down and our cities started to change… There’s an element of being haunted by nightlife that’s no longer there.”

This dreamy, poppy disco feel is quite a sharp contrast to previous 2019 album, the staggered double release 'Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost'. The magnificent duo of albums were heavier, tracks like Part II’s ‘Black Bull’ riling in a dark, gritty rock energy. The feel of this new release thus far suggests that Foals are wanting to play with some lighter vibes this time around – but, whose to say what the future holds.

To catch these tracks live, get yourself to Foals’ headline tour this April and May – with four sold-out nights at London’s Olympia, it’s sure to be a totally hedonistic extravaganza.

Words: Emily Swingle
Photo Credit: Alex Knowles

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