Krautrock, Surf Influences Cited

Oxford math rockers Foals have claimed that their second album will be sunnier - because it will be recorded in Hawaii!

The band were interviewed by BBC Newsbeat and revealed some of their intentions when recording the follow up to their celebrated debut album 'Antidotes'.

Lead singer Yannis Phillippakis said that the band's new material is influenced by surf records, karautrock and French films. He also claimed the band was set to move to Hawaii!

"We thought Hawaii because we want to enjoy ourselves and we are great believers in the environment around you having an effect on the kind of music you make," he said. "If we are somewhere sunny and relaxed, it'll be a good environment to make a record."

"In order to progress we have got to try and allow new influences in. I watched the film 'Delicatessen' and there's a lot of music in it which I found really inspiring."

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