'Total Life Forever' due soon

Oxford math rock group Foals are to release their new album 'Total Life Forever' later this year.

Foals formed from the ashes of Edmund Fitzgerald, a cult math rock group based in Oxford. Deciding to shun the experimental whims of their former projects, Foals began as a concerted attempt to get pop.

Debut album 'Antidotes' was largely stripped of awkward time signatures, in its place inserting a cohesive songwriting nous that saw the band conquer the critical charts.

One of the most significant British debut albums of recent times, Foals have spawned a legion of copycats. Taking time off to work on new material, the Oxford titans recently confirmed details of their second album.

Produced by Luke Smith the new material was recorded in Gothenberg. The long awaited follow up to their debut, the forthcoming album is named 'Total Life Forever' and will be released on May 10th.

Speaking on their MySpace page Foals promised that "something pretty, pretty, pretty good will be happening on the airwaves this coming Monday (March 1)".

Continuing, the band promised that their website was set for a revamp in the run up to 'Total Life Forever'. "this will be our new HQ as we slowly withdraw from the world of social nettwerking. go check it out, it'll be fully operational over the next few weeks."

The band also confirmed a number of European dates for later this year. Beginning in Berlin on April 12th the continental tour will also see Foals visit Amsterdam before finishing in Paris on April 15th.

Foals are set to release 'Total Life Forever' on May 10th.

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