With his new 'augmented reality' app

Los Angeles producer Flying Lotus has unveiled a stunning yet bizarre new 'augmented reality' application.

Flying Lotus is one of the most respected producers around. Helping to shift hip hop's attention back on the beat, new album 'Cosmogramma' is a stunning experience.

Take a copy and play it through headphones on a long journey: 'Cosmogramma' is a total immersive experience, capable of shifting the way places and events pass you by. Now the producer has issued a new application, which brings his low level hallucinations to your computer screen.

'Cosmogramma' is set to be released on May 3rd, with Flying Lotus streaming the new album on his MySpace page right now. The connection between computer screen and reality will be further blurred with the 'Cosmogramma Fieldlines' application.

A free augmented reality application, the new program celebrates the release of the album in typically unique style.

Downloaded straight to your computer, the application can be controlled with a webcam of mouse. Producing some stunning effects on your computer, 'Cosmogramma Fieldlines' was developed by Aaron Meyers and Warp.

Flying Lotus of course assisted in sound production, while Rebekah Raff performed the harp. Containing some bewildering visual effects, artwork was supplied by respected designer Leigh J McCloskey.

Download 'Cosmogramma Fieldlines' HERE.

Flying Lotus is set to release 'Cosmogramma' on May 3rd.

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