Oklahoma Official Song Poll

The Flaming Lips could be in line for being honoured by their home state of Oklahoma after being nominated in a poll to find the official rock song of the state!

Most American states have an official song, but Oklahoma will be the first to appoint a official rock song. Oklahoma was the 46th state to be admitted to the union, just over one hundred years ago. Amongst other official regalia attached to the state is the State Tree (Eastern Redbud), State Beverage (Milk) and the State Folk Dance (Square Dance).

The Flaming Lips track nominated is "Do You Realize?" taken from their acclaimed 2002 album "Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots". Alongside Wayne Coyne's band of merry minstrels are 80s rock stars The Call with their track "Oklahoma" and All American Rejects with "Move Along".

Whilst not widely known for its contribution to rock music, Oklahoma has nonetheless been there since the genre's inception. "Heartbreak Hotel", Elvis Presley's first major hit in 1956 was written by Oklahoma resident Mae Boren Axton, and blues-rock icon JJ Cale hails from the state.

Voting for the poll is ongoing - to vote for The Flaming Lips just click here.

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