FKJ’s ‘Way Out’ Is An Escape Into Innocence

The video was shot on location in the Philippines...

FKJ has shared his new song 'Way Out'.

The composer's second album 'V I N C E N T' is incoming, and 'Way Out' features as the opening song.

A piece that leans on his jazz background, 'Way Out' utilises twinkling notes of piano, graceful strings, and clipped electronics.

A languid, relaxing listen, 'Way Out' is designed as an escape into innocence from the hustle and bustle of the surrounding world.

He comments…

'V I N C E N T' is an album about my kiddo innocence that I want to latch on to. As the opening song 'Way Out' is an invitation to leave my busy adult mind. I put these footsteps and door sounds on the intro because I was imagining this scene of an exit, running away from a too serious and anxious state of mind.

The escape would end and I would land in a childish world where the kid inside of me that doesn’t care and just plays would re emerge. A few days later I found this abandoned attraction park next to where I live. A playful world left behind and where time did his thing. A whole set that was matching this concept.

So we passed through the fences with my homie and shot this video. We later shot the intro at home and matching the foleys that were put on the recording…

Shot close to his studio in the Philippines, you can check out the video for 'Way Out' below.

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