Finnish Duo Pole Siblings Entrance With ‘Ghosts’

A subtly beautiful piece of indie folk...

Life seemed to pull Pole Siblings together.

Finnish siblings who journeyed to Sweden in search of love, they ended up living just a block away from one another.

Relationships came and went, but familial ties remained, and the loss of their father sent both into a dramatic spiral.

Music then intervened. Pole Siblings poured their feelings into songs, into haunted indie-folk gems that get under your skin.

Debut EP 'It Might Grow' will be released on June 16th, with Clash able to premiere new cut 'Ghosts'.

Pole Siblings singer Sofia Stolpe explains: “Death is a very humbling experience. You realize you can’t hold on to certain things, cause there’s no one there to help you let go of your regrets, questions or pent up anger. Both of us are relational people, brought up having to find strength, and refuge, in each other. We had a strong need to go through our shared history of emotions and they couldn’t go anywhere else than into songs”.

Tune in now.

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