Fink's Acoustic Take On 'Out Loud' Gives The Song A Second Life

Fink's Acoustic Take On 'Out Loud' Gives The Song A Second Life

It's part of a new project...

Fink returned last year, sharing his album 'Bloom Innocent' to widespread acclaim.

A nuanced, at times lush, album it dipped into Fin Greenall's thoughts and feelings, while taking his music to a different space.

Almost immediately, though, the songwriter began to hanker for something different, something a little more stripped back.

Taking up residence at JRS Studios in Berlin, Fink sketched out a different version of the record, one rooted in his acoustic guitar.

"We wanted to make an alternative to the produced, lush soundscapes of 'Bloom Innocent'," he says. "When you've just finished a record and all the tracks are still fresh in your mind and reverberating around your soul it's a great time to get down the alternative life of a song, so just after we mastered the original album we spent two days in JRS Studios in Berlin, run by Axel from Jazzanova."

"Axel is a total microphone freak so I knew he'd be able to capture the reality of real recording and live takes with some amazing vintage stuff. There are no overdubs or anything, we just did a few takes and picked the vibiest - or the one with the least mistakes."

'Bloom Innocent – Acoustic' will be released on April 17th, a radical re-working of the material that stays true to the emotional meaning of the songs.

Available to order HERE, it's led by this beautiful version of 'Out Loud'. Fin says: "You know, right after the album is recorded you’re kinda deep into it. You are still living with the tracks - the affair is still live in a way - so we recorded the whole record acoustically, quickly, and with love, whilst we were all still very much in love."

He adds: "We also know now that after so many record the songs we write can wear many different outfits to the ball, the album outfit is like the first one we thought of. Recording songs in a different way often reveals strengths and fragilities - some songs are shy when you strip things away, some reveal their strength."

"I think this journey is written all over this acoustic release, and in these really weird times where nothing is really known in our business one thing is always for sure; a good song records acoustically really well."

"And the beauty of that is, on the 'Bloom Innocent' acoustic versions, there must be some good songs because some of them sound fantastic. It’s nice to give a song different options in its life. I sincerely hope this record is the soundtrack to your quieter moments this spring…"

'Out Loud' is flipped inside out, with Fink finding renewed poignancy in his lyricism, driving to that potent finale.

Tune in now.

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