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Starting as a solo vehicle for Fin Greenall, Fink has grown to become fully fledged band.

Achieving no small measure of success, Greenall's songwriting has strengthened and deepened over time. Invited to work on the score for '12 Years A Slave' the singer then began focussing on his next step.

Produced by Billy Bush, new album 'Hard Believer' drops on July 14th via R'COUP'D - a newly minted label which sees Ninja Tune supporting Fin Greenall's venture.

New single 'Looking Too Closely' is online now - check it out below.

'Hard Believer' is set to be released on July 14th. Tracklisting:

1. Hard Believer
2. Green And The Blue
3. White Flag
4. Pilgrim
5. Two Days Later
6. Shakespeare
7. Truth Begins
8. Looking Too Closely
9. Too Late
10. Keep Falling

1. Hard Believer (Denmark Street Session)
2. Green And The Blue (Denmark Street Session)
3. Pilgrim (Denmark Street Session)
4. Truth Begins (Denmark Street Session)

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