It's a lush, expansive, eight minute journey...

Fink has shared his ambitious new eight minute track 'We Watch The Stars' - tune in now.

The English songwriter is now based in Berlin, where he has pieced together a new album with highly experienced producer Flood.

The full record will be unveiled shortly, with Fink signalling his return with a moment of breathless ambition.

Pushing his songwriting template to breaking point, 'We Watch The Stars' is a beautifully etched eight minute journey.

Seemingly the first song recorded for the new album, it's a song that threads a link between Fink's current life and his rural childhood in Cornwall.

Fink explains...

“I have always loved the image of stars blossoming, because of the ephemeral nature of our experience with them. It’s almost seasonal - we only get to see them at night. Every night they're the same and yet every night it's a different experience.”

“I pictured myself on my back in my parents’ garden in West Cornwall - watching the stars come out as the sun goes down - and wrote the song from there. It was a challenge to musically score the universe blossoming above you. so I called upon my very talented friend Tomer Moked, who contributed a variety of sounds including piano, viola, violin, Prophet 6, Kamancheh and Moroccan cymbals.”

“Tomer and I basically scored the final movement in one, hot, rapid session in Berlin. We just got on one and rode the track home in a day, including the first live takes of my vocals and guitar. Not having any kind of rhythm in the track initially was important to me - something about the randomness and organic-ness of nature I guess - but then the second half is tethered by rhythm, channelling the rules and regulations of the universe in some pulsating, hypnotic, and mathematic sense.”

“The uber-talented Nicky Hustinx, who has drummed with Fink many times in the past, worked on this aspect of the track with Tomer and I.”

Tune in now.

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