Glasgow Poppers Get Busy

Fife exiles Findo Gask are set to release their new single 'One Eight Zero' on December 1st through new home the cult indie label Angular Recordings.

Now based in Glasgow, Findo Gask peddle a uniquely uplifting brand of danceable indie pop. Their first single was released by forward thinking club night Optimo, and since then the band have toured heavily impressing audiences across the UK.

Now signed to cult imprint Angular Recordings Corporation - former home to The Long Blondes amongst others - the band are set to release new single 'One Eight Zero' on December 1st. Mixing rave anthems to blissful harmonies, Findo Gask have a unique sound that casts a sideways sneer at he latest trends.

The single comes with a remix by the band themselves. Already gaining a name for themselves through rejigging others material, Findo Gask have recently got to grips with the recently deceased Long Blondes as well as musical legend Yoko Ono.

Findo Gask release 'One Eight Zero' on December 1st through Angular Recordings.

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