Field Music Detail New Album ‘Limits Of Language’

It's out on October 11th...

Field Music will release new album ‘Limits Of Language’ on October 11th.

The long-running band never allow their standards to slip, but following the tour associate with 2022 LP ‘Flat White Moon’ they faced a difficult dilemma: they didn’t have anything planned.

Working from a fresh slate, Field Music opted to use first thought / best thought, aiming for immediacy in the process. “We came to the conclusion that we should just start making, pursuing whatever we were most excited about at that moment,” says David Brewis, “and if that music felt like it should be part of a Field Music record, then we would go with that. And if not, well, we’ll make other records.”

‘Limits Of Language’ will be released on October 11th via Memphis Industries, and it finds Field Music dealing into their core values. “I think we’ve always been quite pure in our intentions as artists. We’ve never altered what we do for the sake of making money or chasing what other people like,” says David. “And there’s not really any reward for doing that beyond getting to make the music you want to make. But what if after all that you can’t even make the music?”                         

New single ‘Six Weeks, Nine Wells’ is a typically curious piece of art-pop, an off kilter ear-worm as only Field Music can provide – tap in now.

1. Six Weeks, Nine Wells
2. The Guardian of Sleep
3. The Limits of Language
4. Sounds About Right
5. Absolutely Negative
6. Curfew in the Square
7. Turn the Hours Away
8. On the Other Side
9. The Waitress of St Louis
10. I Might Have Been Wrong
11. Between the Bridges

Photo Credit Andy Martin

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