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Fenech Soler

Fenech-Soler are set to release their new album 'Rituals' on September 2nd.

Emerging at a time when dance was beginning to once again encroach on the mainstream, perhaps Fenech-Soler have judged their return appropriately.

After all, EDM - like it or loathe it - is a global source, while in the UK Disclosure have proved that having an underground sound needn't keep you out of the charts.

Now it could be Fenech-Soler's turn. The band have confirmed plans for new album 'Rituals' which is apparently packed with juicy pop moments. Largely self produced, the album does include appearances from the likes of Tim Goldsworth (best known for his DFA / UNKLE associations) alongside Swedish producer / DJ Style of Eye.

Stripped from the upcoming LP, upcoming single 'Magnetic' drops on July 1st.

"I think the pop element is certainly something that wasn’t calculated, but also something that we didn’t decide to turn our back on" vocalist Ben Duffy reflected recently. "For us, it’s been about paying attention to what makes a good song and about being direct. We haven’t been afraid to make a pop record. It’s about connecting with people on a universal level while remaining true to our dance roots."

Listen to 'Magnetic' below.

Catch Fenech-Soler at the Electric Ballroom in Camden next week (May 22nd). Fenech-Soler are set to release new album 'Rituals' on September 2nd.


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