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Federico Albanese has become fascinated with memory, and how our perception of ourselves is so mixed up in the past.

Teasing apart different angles and viewpoints, it's possible to view the same incidents, the same timeframe, from an almost infinite array of options.

New album 'Before And Now Seems Infinite' draws on this spirit, with the composer - so steeped in modern classical variations, while committed to his own path - using music as a means to freeze time.

The composer comments...

“There are multiple ways in which we perceive a memory. We might remember things from different angles and give them different meanings. I find it interesting to explore the instant where we decide how we are going to remember something. And music is the vehicle I use to find these moments, to hold them in time.”

Album cut 'Summerside' is an evocative, poignant piece of music, with guest vocalist Marika Hackman helping to illuminate his work.

The two inter-connect perfectly, the rolling wash of the arrangement recalling the gentle brush of an incoming tide on the sand.

Marika immediately picked up on the central themes of Federico's work, commenting:

“When I listened to the instrumental Federico sent me I was struck by a sense of nostalgia, that strange in-between where you can’t ascertain what's a dream or perhaps a faded memory. I tried to capture this feeling and expand it with the melody and lyrics whilst also keeping that magical sense of space and intrigue which was already there.”

We're able to share the Marco Jeannin directed video for 'Summerside' before anyone else - tune in now.

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