It's another under-stated gem from the trio...

At times, it seems as though Feature have been just about everywhere in this post-punk/garage punk/DIY/whatever it is underground.

First coming into contact with one another through the swirling subaqueous creative culture of Brighton, Feature then high-tailed it to London.

A string of highly regarded releases followed, including an EP on the always vital Tie Dye Tapes imprint - actually recorded in the back room of the recently closed Tye Die DIY space.

Settling down to record their debut album, Feature are now spread across the country but are held together in a shared belief for what the project should stand for and could achieve.

Upset The Rhythm are due to release debut LP 'Banishing Ritual' on April 7th, with Clash able to share new cut 'Reeling'.

It's another understated gem from Feature, with the three-piece yet again eschewing grand statements to get on with the much more profound business of simply being an excellent band.

The chugging down strokes in the guitar are matched to thumping drums, before the rhythm suddenly slackens, at times almost falling apart.

There's a tightness to the performance, though, alongside a grace that could almost be described as delicate if it weren't for the sharp-edged guitar tones and those biting vocals.

Tune in now.

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