Thriller Energy hit back

Canadian hardcore group Fucked Up are being sued by Thriller Energy drinks after publishing a blog slating the firm.

Fucked Up don't tend to take prisoners. A virtual living emblem of the continuing community in North American punk, the band keep their friends close and tell their enemies where they can stick their major labels.

Recently the band played a SXSW showcase gig sponsored by Thriller Energy, and weren't happy with the way they were dealt. Publishing a blog posting, Fucked Up savaged the firm:

"We think energy drinks are some of the most vile stuff you can put in your body and didn't really want to have anything to do with him as a person or his company. He was persistent in bugging us for the first half of 2010 so we finally let him shell some of his gross drinks at our official showcase."

"We were a bit stretched for cash and came into some problems really close to the date of our event, so we took some money from him, which we immediatly felt bad about. Really just a gross company, and even though we did help him promote our show, we wouldn't do it again."

Finishing, the band wrote: "Thriller Energy Drinks is a bullshit company and we won't be working with them ever again."

To read the entire (quite fascinating, actually) article click HERE.

However Thriller Energy aren't happy and have lodged court documents against the band. The firm claim that an employee of theirs, Nick Fenstle, "has suffered and will continue to suffer mental pain and anguish".

Perhaps he drank his product! *Joke*

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