"Everything that he's done is amazing"

Canadian hardcore group Fucked Up have paid tribute to late Memphis rocker Jay Reatard.

Despite the growth of illegal downloading, despite the encroachment of major labels the American underground punk is surviving. A host of challenging new groups have pushed back the boundaries, retaining the camaraderie that pushed labels such as SST to such great heights.

The death of garage rocker Jay Reatard brought this home. Acts across North American lined up to pay tribute to the singer, whose ability to galvanise and alienate potential fans made him a vital figure.

Speaking to Pitchfork, Fucked Up singer Pink Eyes revealed that Reatard's album 'Blood Visions' is his favourite album of the past decade.

"Looking back on the last decade, it's hard to name another 10-year record, a record that 10 years from now I'm going to be able to look back upon and say, "That's still just as good as when I heard it the first time." Everything that he's done is amazing, but I think 'Blood Visions' is his magnum opus" argued the singer.

Continuing, Pink Eyes recalled Jay Reatard's public persona and argued that too much weight is placed on a musician's personality. "He was, admittedly, a hard person to get along with sometimes, and definitely rubbed people the wrong way" the singer claimed.

"But he was always awesome with me - he was a friend of mine - and he was just a great talent, too. John Lennon wasn't always a nice guy, that's for sure, and Kurt Cobain wasn't always a nice guy".

"Not saying that he's the same, but I'm just saying sometimes people put too much weight on whether or not someone's a good person and forget about the fact that they're just making music."

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