Fat White Family Took On Knebworth… And Won!

The band got a reaction from Liam Gallagher's fans..

Fat White Family left a deep impression on Knebworth following their Liam Gallagher support slot at the weekend.

On the face of it, it was an incongruous booking: fractious South London types Fat White Family tasked with entertaining 100,000 of Liam Gallagher's self-proclaimed parka monkeys.

Yet Fat White Family stuck to their guns for an uncompromising performance, facing down the vast crowds by opening with a 10 minute freeform noise-addled drone. Refusing to play the one song casual observers might be familiar with, Fat White Family did it their way… and won out. The reaction on social media was priceless:

And so it went, on and on… Fat White Family didn't seem to mind, however – soaking up the hate, the performance left a deep impression… and what more, truly, can you ask for?

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