Fat Trout Trailer Park’s ‘Gold’ Fights Back Against “Billionaires And Their Bullshit”

It's an assault on materialism...

Fat Trout Trailer Park is the alter ego of Sean Raab, a songwriter who matches post-punk tropes to lyricism with a sweeping scope, one that encompasses societal critiques against something more personal.

Debut 'Fat Trout Trailer Park EP' is incoming, with those stabbing riffs moving in between his crunching vocals.

New single 'Gold' is a case in point, with the barbed guitar lines having a caustic appeal, something exemplified by the dry production.

Lyrically, 'Gold' opens with the protagonist dinging as a guest in a Manhattan penthouse, before his evening spirals out of control.

Exposing a hostile environment for anyone who lives on the fringes, 'Gold' blasts back against a hyper-accelerated materialism.

"This song came about chronologically, I went where it took me," he recalls. "After writing the first part I knew it would be the foreboding type, something darker had to follow."

"I wanted it to represent the contrast of how the protagonist presented themselves publicly as calm and collected while internally rage and disbelief reach a boiling point. Once again I wanted every single segment to be its own, with no full repetition to express different vantage points of the central subject…"

We're able to share the timely video, one that skewers right wing media. He explains: "Fox News has long been exploiting people for political and personal gain, so we didn't feel too bad reversing the roles for once. This is for all of us against billionaires and their bullshit…"

Tune in now.

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