Duo to soundtrack 'The Duke Of Burgundy'
Cat's Eyes

Cat’s Eyes, the side project of The Horrors frontman Faris Badwan, has stepped up to write and record the soundtrack for Peter Strickland’s latest movie ‘The Duke Of Burgundy’.

Working alongside the British director, Cat’s Eyes will also be helped by Broadcast’s James Cargill, who previously worked with Strickland on the soundtrack for 2012 film 'Berberian Sound Studio'.

There’s scant information on the direction the music will take under the guidance of Strickland and Cat’s Eyes, but the project is unquestionably intriguing and should result in a captivating soundtrack.

Along with Badwan, Cat’s Eyes in made up of soprano, composer, and multi-instrumentalist Rachel Zeffira. In 2011 the duo performed at St. Peter's Basilic in the Vatican and released their self-titled debut album, much to the delight of Clash.

As for Badwan’s first love, The Horrors recently pushed the release of their yet-to-be-titled fourth studio album back to 2014. Previously slated to come out later this year in September, guitarist Josh Hayward told NME the band missed the mixing deadline.

"We didn't finish mixing it in time so it's been pushed back. But now we've got more time we'll probably write more songs for it." Badwan added the extra time should result in a better record. "We basically had the choice between finishing the record and it being one way, or giving it a few more months and it being substantially better. Albums last forever, there's no point rushing it."

Looks like fans will have to be a little more patient but should be rewarded with a couple of extra new tunes when The Horrors finally release album number four.

Words by Marc Zanotti
Photo Credit: Rory Van Millingen

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