Rosie Lowe stars on new cut 'Drugs'..

FaltyDL is set to release new album 'Heaven Is For Quitters' on October 21st.

The producer has returned to his own Blueberry Records imprint for the release, his sixth full length to date.

The album is presaged by new cut 'Drugs', which features some gorgeous vocals from Rosie Lowe. The track is something of an "exorcism" for the producer, as he explains:

"The song is very personal to me for a few reasons. 'Drugs' have been a character in my life for as long as I can remember, both good and bad. This collaboration is like an exorcism, aided by the lovely voice of Rosie Lowe. It is also a key anchor on my new album which I spent a long time creating, pouring my entire self into for two years."

Director James Lowry took charge of the visuals, an inventive short film that plays on ambiguity, vice, and voyeurism: "What I liked about ‘Drugs’ is it had various connotations, and I wanted to retain that level of mystery in this film. An ambiguity surrounding various unrelated characters that could somehow fall under the same theme. The viewer is left to decide the purpose and consequences of what they are watching Vices, secrets, guilty pleasures. I wanted it to be unsettling but also slightly weird and sometimes laughable. We shot with a dark, voyeuristic aesthetic to it, always trying to ground each shot with foreground context to position the viewer in the scenarios as the watcher."

Check it out now.

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