Ahead of their set at the Roundhouse Punk Weekender...
False Heads

Punk literally changed lives.

When the movement first exploded in the UK in 1976 few had seen or heard anything like it, a daring, vivid, belch in the face of society.

Forty years on, the movement's impact still resonates - whether you're a mohican clad rock in Camden or a lo-fi DIY indie type in East London, you're all drawing from the same well.

London venue the Roundhouse is set to host a punk weekender, toasting the influence and legacy of punk. False Heads are set to play, and they've kindly handed Clash the video for new single 'Thick Skin'.

Check it out below, then catch a full Q&A with the band after the jump.

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What does punk mean to you?
It's a difficult question and I'm sure everyone has a different answer which is definitely a good thing, I guess that's the beauty of it. But to me it's an explosion of ideas from left field or somewhere that isn't expected. It's also a way out from being told what to do/say or how to feel, I guess that's what it means to me anyway.

Do you think punk is a genre, or an ethos?
Well this sort of carries on from my first answer I suppose. It is a blend of both I suppose but I think it's definitely more of an ethos, you can class so many bands that weren't around for the NYC and London 'punk' movement as punk purely down to their ethos towards music or life in general. I think too much gets put on punk being a genre and it sort of makes it sound a bit cheesey or forced, you know? So it stands up so much more when you look it at as an ethos. There's all the sort of classic punk sensibilities of being anti-establishment and everything that comes with that but to me it's more of a freedom to be uncompromising in what you're trying to create.

I also think it's weird that punk has become this massive thing that people get lumped into it when for me the most important part of it's ethos is thinking for yourself and freedom of thought, even if that means you clash with other people put under the punk label.

What do you think punk's biggest achievement has been in this country?
Well it's a bit cliche but from someone who just hates the monarchy and everything it stands for, it's got to be 'God Save the Queen'. Imagine how controversial that really was at the time? Didn't they accuse John Lydon of treason?! Fuck knows why we've still got the monarchy but it was obvious that there were a lot of people back then as confused as I am now as to why we still have them and more importantly why people still give a fuck about them. There's a lot of people that give you flak about liking the Sex Pistols because they were put together by Malcolm McClaren and all that but in that song they display my sentiments completely.

Plus you've got to admit, it's pretty fucking daring. At least it represented a large portion of people that don't understand why we're meant to praise some old age institution from a by-gone era where people thought monarchs were god's messengers on earth. Give me a break.

2016 is the 40th anniversary of punk's first real summer. Do you set much weight on these anniversaries? Is it more punk to look to the future?
I guess I don't really put too much weight on them but it's good to celebrate a wicked part of music culture surely? And what better way to do it than put young bands on at the Roundhouse? Haha! It's always important to look to the future, even when the future looks as fucking foggy as it does now but maybe that will spawn something with a bit of substance in the mainstream for the first time in a blue moon.

What persuaded you to get involved with the Roundhouse event?
The punk legend Danny Fields saw us live in Camden and we impressed him. And since then we've became good friends with him and he mentioned the event (as he is involved in Punk London and the anniversary), we thought it looked great and we asked to get involved and it sort of went from there really.

Which artists/bands are you most looking forward to seeing?
It's gotta be our buddies Mystified. We've played with them a few times, they're a great band. They just did some tunes with the Strokes producer as well. Should be banging.

What do you have planned for the rest of the summer?
We've got some great shows lined up, including London shows at the Finsbury (July 6th) and The Black Heart (August 11th). We've got a lot of tunes we recorded in one of Pete Townshend's studios produced by a great dude called Jonathan Hucks, and we're buzzing to release them. Cheers for having me!

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Roundhouse Punk Weekender runs between July 8th - 10th.

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