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The Graphite Set

The Graphite Set are gearing up to new single 'Grayson Perry' - listen to it now on Clash.

Music and the visual arts are often intertwined. British art schools have a habit of producing oddball talents, the sort of mavericks who stand out from the crowd and make something unique.

Studying at Central St. Martins, Lily Buchanan was introduced to ideas, disciplines she might not have encountered. Placing these in a musical context, the songwriter began fuelling them into The Graphite Set.

Debut EP 'These Streets' gathered some of the results. Recorded at Real World Studios, and produced by Ed Seed and Ali Staton, new single 'Grayson Perry' finds the young artist building on this.

Out on October 14th, the single was inspired by 'Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Girl' written by the real life Grayson Perry. Chancing upon this book, The Graphite Set then penned their own ode to artistic development, adolescence and self-advancement.

Listen to it now.

'Grayson Perry' is set to be released on October 14th. The Graphite Set have confirmed the following show:

16 London Lexington

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