Exclusive: Pale – Fearing Faces (Vondelpark Dub Mix)

Beautiful, delicate, beguiling...

Vondelpark have stepped in to remix Pale's new track 'Fearing Faces' – listen to it now.

Sometimes these things are just meant to be. Demoing their early material on equipment which was as cheap as it was flexible, Pale caught the attention of The Vaccines who invited them on tour.

Intending to expand to incorporate a live drummer, the pair swiftly realised that the tour bus simply didn't have room. Utilising their old, beat up drum machine Pale were able to embrace their sparsity, to use their skeletal sound as something beautiful.

Recent cut 'Fearing Faces' went viral, with some highly respected producers voicing their approval. A triumph of accident as design, the darkness inherent to the songwriting is matched by a sonic palette which is as restricted as it is effective.

R&S cohorts Vondelpark have stepped in to remix 'Fearing Faces' and the results are breathtaking. Essentially a dub mix, Vondelpark submerge 'Fearing Faces' in bass weight, placing huge pressure on that slender template.

Pushed to breaking point, the inner strength of 'Fearing Faces' shines through.

Listen to it now.

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