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LOOM are set to release their new EP 'Lice' on December 2nd.

A blaze of sweat, riffs and jet black clothing, LOOM have cut a swathe through the capital's music scene. While most grunge revivalists are simply toying with a few fuzz pedals, this lot seem to channel the unbridled, unhinged spirit the era truly possessed.

Hosting a residency at Camden venue the Black Heart, it will be doubtful if much of the stage remains intact. Feral, animalistic rock 'n' roll with a euphoric bent, LOOM might not be psychedelic in the strictest sense but they sure as hell want to break on through to the other side.

New EP 'Lice' drops on December 2nd, with Hate Hate Hate stepping in to show support. The title cut is joined by re-workings of 'I Get A Taste' and 'Acid City King' while the band also include their cover of 'Seasick' by The Jesus Lizard'.

Recorded at Ray Davies' North London studio KONK, this is simultaneously LOOM's most progressive and demented document yet. Clash is able to stream new song 'Lice' and it's all leather jackets, motorcycle fumes and riffs from the wrong side of the tracks.

Listen to it below.

'Lice' is set to be released on December 2nd.

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