Ahead of Tom Skinner's new solo EP...
Tom Skinner

To many, jazz is standard, set in stone: an archaic art form.

But those people, those closed minds, are (as ever) wrong. London's jazz scene is a network of possibilities, a fusion of styles which presents questions, instead of supplying other people's answers.

Tom Skinner has sat close to the centre of this for 15 years. Through various projects - most recently Melt Yourself Down and the Owiny Sigomu Band - the percussionist has blazed a trail which flits between free jazz, electronics and the hypnotic tribal trance of high life.

Solo project Hello Skinny, though, is perhaps his most curious diversion. A self-titled debut album dropped at the tail end of last year, receiving enormous critical acclaim.

Now Tom Skinner has decided to unveil a quick fire EP. 'Revolutions' will be available from September 9th, with the vinyl edition set to contain additional remixes from Matthew Herbert and Bass Clef.

Ahead of this, Clash are able to stream lead track 'Revolutions Part One'.

Listen to it below.

'Revolutions' is set to be released on September 9th. Tracklisting:

1. Revolutions Part 1
2. Revolutions Part 2
3. Crush (Zero 7 remix)
4. Knot Blue (Crewdson remix)
5. Bump (Pete Wareham remix)

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