Electro-swing group get re-worked...
Caravan Palace

Caravan Palace release new album 'Panic' in the UK this week - check out some bonus cuts below.

Caravan Palace are a group who could only come from France. The band embody two of the country's most famous exports - gypsy swing and electro house - conjoined into one, neat, emboldened entity.

Yet they seem to be reaching international acclaim. Caravan Palace spent the summer on the road, stopping by Bestival for a quick Right Guard Off Guard session.

Since then, the band's new album 'Panic' has found huge success in their homeland. Out in the UK this week, the album contains four bonus cuts which are exclusive to UK fans.

As a preview, Clash is able to stream two tracks below. Jupiter steps in to remix (the appropriately named) 'Clash' while we can also present the Swing Flappers Edit of 'Dramphone'.

Listen to both tracks below.

'Panic' is out now.

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