Exclusive Album Previews

From Jamie Lidell and John & Jehn

Clash is proud to announce that it has two great albums streaming on ClashMusic.com this week ahead of their April 28th releases.

First up, the French duo John & Jehn release their debut self titled album.

A real-life couple, their relationship has fueled an album’s worth of songs with a rare passion. Split into two sides labeled “Side John” and “Side Jehn” the record is a collection of sonic adventures, blending together such influences as The Velvet Underground, Suicide and Serge Gainsbourg.

An accomplished debut album, “John And Jehn” blends the light with the dark, combining aching melodies with drones and white noise. Live, the band exude deadly charm and deadly danger, Jehn’s icy stare matching John’s energy.

Listen to the full album here

Next, we have the return of Jamie Lidell.

‘Jim’ finds Lidell’s Soul fetish come to full fruition and lets his wonderous voice run riot over ten down and dirty tracks, the soundtrack from the dancefloor of your favourite club to that last nightcap in a smokey afterhours bar.

From his early apearance as techno’s boy wonder, Lidell has been one to keep your eye on as he developed the soul stylings on second album ‘Multiply’ and now dons the cape left vacant by James Brown, an equally dynamic live talent.

“I haven’t tried to hide the influences,” says Lidell “This is the music I love.”

Listen to the full album here

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