It's a spoken word mover...

It's difficult to second guess Evann McIntosh.

An artist who thrives on the unexpected, their outlook seems to embrace multiple genres, and none at all.

New project 'Character Development' is out on August 27th, and perhaps we should take the title literally - Evann is becoming the person they want to be.

“This record is all about growth and change,” Evann explains. “I’m always evolving, and this project is the sound of that transformation, of one version of myself giving way to the next.”

Frisky new song 'COCO PEBBLES' is a key aspect of this, melding together R&B songwriting, semi spoken word vocals, and a jazz-like rhythmic elasticity.

Direct and compulsive, 'COCO PEBBLES' is infused with Evann's melodic gifts, while retaining a lingering sense of mystery.

The playful video picks up on those lyrics, and you can check it out below.

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