Singer discusses relationship

Grunge icon Evan Dando has revealed his feelings over his famously strained relationship with Nirvana singer Kurt Cobain.

As the lead singer with Nirvana, Kurt Cobain led a charge by underground acts on the mainstream. His band's breakthrough album 'Nevermind' knocked Michael Jackson off the top spot on Billboard charts, and was swiftly followed by a generation of sludgy axe swingers.

However Cobain's own contradictory feelings over his success strained his relationships with his peers. Pearl Jam singer Eddie Vedder was often the victim of Cobain's acidic tongue, recently giving a new interview in which he claimed the Nirvana singer would have come to appreciate his music.

Evan Dando also enjoyed a famously truculent relationship with the icon. Dando's band The Lemonheads broke through with their 1992 album 'It's A Shame About Ray' transforming the singer into a pin up for Generation X.

Rumour linked Dando to Courtney Love, then married to Kurt Cobain. In a new interview with Gigwise, the former Lemonheads frontman spoke candidly about his attitude to Kurt Cobain.

“Courtney was saying that we were having an affair - I was never attracted to Courtney."

“She was like ‘I made Kurt cry last night’. She is crazy”.

Continuing, Dando insisted that Cobain would know the truth in the after life. “It made me very sad and I was thinking, now that Kurt's gone, he knows what really happened. It really didn’t have to happen”.

Evan Dando is now the only constant member in The Lemonheads, who toured Britain earlier this year. Surviving drug abuse and numerous splits in his group, Dando is one of rock's true cult heroes.

The singer spoke of his admiration of Kurt Cobain. “Kurt was amazing, he could do so many amazing things but we never really got to know each other as Courtney got right between us. It was horrible”.

Evan Dando is set to release his new covers album 'Varshons' soon.

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