Soul singer in hospital

Rhythm and Blues icon Etta James has been admitted to hospital with a number of health complaints.

Etta James was one of the stars of the R&B era. With her lung busting voice and sassy personality the singer scored a series of massive hits, even making in roads on the traditionally white orientated 'pop charts'.

Working with some of the biggest stars of the day, her hits became hugely influential as an R&B boom took hold across the UK. Etta James recorded a version of 'I Just Want To Make Love To You' which left little to the imagination.

Inspiring The Rolling Stones, the song became a UK hit twice over after appearing in a high profile Levis ad campaign. However the lasting legacy of Etta James is her recordings from the 50s and 60s.

Her stunning voice lent itself to numerous hits such as 'Mellow Fellow', 'In The Basement' and of course 'At Last'. Already a standard when Etta James came to record it, her version has become the definitive take on the song.

Sadly, Etta James is now battling ill health. The singer was taken to the Riverside Community Hospital in Southern California, reports Reuters.

Now 72, the singer has reportedly been suffering from a bloodstream infection and speech difficulties among other ailments. The blues icon's son Donto James explained that "she's been in a pretty big battle".

Etta James also suffers with Alzheimer's disease and was recently treated for a painkiller addiction. Although set to be discharged from hospital soon the singer is said to remain in poor health.

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