Connan Mockasin gets re-worked...

A lengthy Erol Alkan rework of Connan Mockasin's 'Forever Dolphin Love' has emerged online.

Probably best known as an electro-house juggernaut, Erol Alkan's record collection in fact brushes past all genre lines. A phenomenal crate digger, the producer has a particular penchant for mind expanding psych.

The two interests converge on a new re-work. Connan Mockasin released 'Forever Dolphin Love' on his debut album, and it's spiralling, bass heavy psychedelia marked a superb entrance point to the New Zealander's world.

Erol Alkan released an alternate version at the time, but a second, lengthy work out also existed. Taking pride of place on his new Bugged Out mix, the ten minute long (!) version chops up Connan Mockasin's recording and pieces it back together.

Focussing on that oddly funky bassline, Erol Alkan teases the track out into the nether regions before bringing it all back together again for a dancefloor work out.

Stream it below.

- - -

Erol Alkan's 'Bugged Out / Bugged In' mix is out now. Watch out for a full feature on the release next week!

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