Eric Clapton Speaks At Length On COVID, The Vaccine, And More

He praises "alternative data..."

Seminal guitarist Eric Clapton has spoken at length about his thoughts on COVID, the vaccine, and more.

The UK musician has joined Van Morrison in his quest to roll back coronavirus restrictions, working with the Northern Irish songwriter on his new double album.

Raising ire recently by revealing he suffered side effects from receiving his COVID vaccine, Eric Clapton has now spoken at length on the topic.

The sit down video interview with Oracle Films – "a filmmaking team fighting for open debate and freedom of information" – lasts for 30 minutes, and features in-depth discuss on his beliefs.

Praising his "bullshit detector" Eric Clapton dismisses senior figures in the UK government, the guitarist says he began to seek out "alternative data".

Due to play a world tour, the guitarist was forced to cancel "a year's work", a subject he discusses with great anger.

Later taking the vaccine – for the sake of his kids – a week-long negative impact on his health "frightened the shit out of me".

The full interview places some humanity around Eric Clapton's recent remarks, but it also illustrates how easy it is to fall for "alternative data" – at times, his language and recollections are akin to someone being indoctrinated in real-time.

The interview can be found below.

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