Enola’s Probing ‘It’s Not Love’ Is An Alluring Listen

Slate grey post-punk songwriting with a hint of romanticism...

Australian artist Enola returns with new single ‘It’s Not Love’.

The songwriter’s bold debut EP ‘All Is Forgiven’ hot-wired a number of disparate influences, recalling those early singles from The Cure in its playful yet emotive experimentalism. Post-punk adjacent, it became a space for ideas to blossom, and move forwards.

New single ‘It’s Not Love’ comes ahead of Enola touching down at Brighton showcase the Great Escape, and marks another step into the unknown.

Slate grey guitar pop, ‘It’s Not Love’ is all wiry guitar lines, avant pop melodies, and lyrics that contain an off piste romantic streak. Enola comments…

It’s about shaking the habitual tie. The song is about how we stay in situations & dynamics that don’t serve us because we have deep rooted bonds and attachments to people, places and the past. Sometimes, it’s not real love that keeps us in situations, but more fear, guilt & inability to let go.
The song is essentially asking a question, yourself why am I doing this? Why am I here? Why am I investing in this person or situation & does this make me happy? Is it love that keeps you there, is it a sense of familiarity & belonging? The weight of responsibility? And when was the last time you asked yourself this question. Is it love keeping me here? Is it love keeping us together?

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Georgia Ellen Grant

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