Empire Of The Sun Announce New Album ‘Ask That God’

Watch the portal-jumping video for new single, 'Music On The Radio'...

Dwellers of the cosmos Empire Of the Sun today announce their fourth album, ‘Ask That God’, out July 26th.

Emperor Steele and Lord Littlemore return with their first collection in eight years. Last month, The Australian electronic duo teased their new era with the song ‘Changes’, and today they continue their trajectory of feel-good euphony on twilight disco anthem, ‘Music On The Radio’.

Described by Steele as “a teenager rebelling against his imaginary emotions,” the track builds on the interplanetary premise of ‘Ask That God’, a liminal zone where reality and imagination are blurred and warped.

“It has been a journey unlike any other that Empire Of The Sun has undertaken. We always ‘go there’ when it comes to exploration of both the self and the outside world,” says Littlemore of the album experience. “This body of work represents the greatest shift in consciousness our world has ever seen and that’s reflected in the music.”

Steele continues: “‘Ask That God’ is an album we searched for and were thankfully blessed with. We are nothing more than conduits, gathering experience and finding what is meant for the Empire to find.”

Emperor and Lord continue their world-building with filmmaker Michael Maxxis in the video for ‘Music On The Radio’, which you can watch below.

Photo Credit: William Barrington-Binns

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