EMMI IIDA Shares Glossy Pop Album ‘The Eye’

A 14-track journey...

Finland-born pop voyager EMMI IIDA has shared new album ‘The Eye’.

The songwriter embraced music as a child, and never looked back. It’s been her lens to view the world through, a means for her to fully explore and process her emotions.

Though her style has shifted and altered, the essence of it remains the same – a space for EMMI IIDA to be true to herself. Out now, new album ‘The Eye’ epitomises this, with its often ruthlessly autobiographical lyricism accompanied by beautiful pop melodies.

You can hear aspects of Lana Del Rey in there, with EMMI IIDA’s hushed odyssey presenting a vast gift of ideas.

She comments…

“Making this album has been a healing journey for me. Losing a baby girl four years ago to divorcing last year, being a channel for these songs has helped me navigate life and alchemizing these setbacks into something beautiful and finding hope, happiness and that overpouring flow of love.”

Tune in now.

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