Emily Wells Shares ‘Don’t Use Me Up’

"One shade shy of a gospel hangover..."

Emily Wells has shared new single 'Don't Use Me Up' – tune in now.

Texan artist Emily Wells is nigh on impossible to classify. A multi-talented multi-instrumentalist, her songwriting can veer from hip-hop beats to soft acoustic balladry within just a few moments.

New album 'Promise' arrives on January 29th, with the singer placing new cut 'Don't Use Me Up' online. It's an intriguing return, with even Emily Wells herself admitting that its meaning is apt to change and transmute.

'Don't Use Me Up' is "among the first songs written for the album some time ago during a time of particular abandon. I joke that it's a song about whiskey, friendship and Jesus, but in truth it was an s.o.s. to myself, to my future self, to people I loved, intended to remind us that the body is finite."

"As time passes so grows the meaning of the song and I now think most often of the finiteness of the planet when I sing it. The recording is one shade shy of a gospel hangover with all the instruments tempted to come off the rails when things get too quiet."

Check it out now.

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