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EMA has given her thoughts on Britney Spears' new album 'Britney Jean'.

Erika M. Anderson is a one off. But then, so too is Britney Spears. Sitting at opposite ends of the musical spectrum, there's little on the surface to relate to, little obvious common ground between the performers.

Yet it seems that preconceptions aren't always correct. Penning a piece for The Talkhouse, EMA has given her thoughts on Britney Spears' new album 'Britney Jean'. Far from a simple exercise in pop-bashing, the piece is a careful, considered viewpoint which contrasts Spears 'the person' and Spears 'the performer'.

"At the end of some dark-hole internet night years ago I ended up watching a video of Britney Spears going through a McDonald's drive through. She is in her car, surrounded by paparazzi. They are all calling her name, cameras going off and flashbulbs exploding, when she finally reaches through her window to grab the white paper bag" writes Anderson. "There are lots of videos like this, just start on one and the YouTube sidebar is filled with suggestions like 'Britney Spears Screaming Mad Inside Gas Station Restroom' and 'Britney Spears Has Mini Breakdown at Starbucks.' And please think about it before you reply that she should probably just never go out in public. That's kind of fucked up".

"Everywhere she goes the paps follow her like ring wraiths. I know you 'know' this already, but it's worth watching at least one of these to understand the perpetual claustrophobia and stimulation overload".

Analysing the album in depth, Erika M. Anderson displays an impressive knowledge of Britney Spears' career, but rejects any notion that 'Britney Jean' represents the artist seizing control of her career. "I'm sure there are fascinating insights and emotions involved with the crazy life that has been hers, but this record does not reflect that. While it feels ghoulish to keep yelling 'gimme more!' at a woman who has, at various times, lost custody of her children, her finances, and seemingly her sanity, maybe it would be therapeutic for her to just let it all out".

"Either that or she should just throw the Big Mac at the camera, hit the gas and take off down the road".

Read the full piece HERE.

EMA's new album 'The Future's Void' will be released in Spring 2014.

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