Elvis Presley iPhone App

Anniversary avalanche continues

The King Of Rock ‘N’ Roll is set to enter the modern age with Elvis Presley due to star in a new iPhone application.

It’s difficult to imagine a world without rock ‘n’ roll. Way back when, the early 1950s were dominated by skiffle, doo wop and a tightly bound world still reeling from the shock of the Second World War.

Into this bizarre mixture of repression and saccharine entertainment stepped Elvis Presley. A shy boy from the South his take on the music of black America allowed the 12 bar to become the de facto musical form for a generation.

Half-inching a number of top R&B tunes the singer took the world by storm, ushering in a new chapter for youth culture. Losing his way after entering the army in 1958 the singer would later become a Las Vegas mainstay, with his sad decline becoming part of show business legend.

With fans across the world preparing to celebrate what would have been Elvis Presley’s 75th birthday on January 8th, a new iPhone application aims to put the King in your pocket.

‘Pocket Elvis’ uses the voice of comedian Mitch Benn to bring the King back to life. With a phrase for every occasion the new iPhone application contains over 150 entries becoming a translator for the language of Elvis Presley.

As Mitch Benn himself says: “The voice of Elvis is so recognizable to people across the world it’s always a pleasure to perform as him. With ‘Pocket Elvis’ you can take a bit of Elvis everywhere you go, and hopefully have a lot of fun”.

‘Pocket Elvis’ is available now.

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