Swedish MC...

Scandinavia has a rich musical culture but, in all honesty, not many Swedish MCs spring to mind.

Sure, the country has an extremely developed hip hop scene but it tends to focus on production, rather than rhymes. Spending a transitional summer in the UK absorbing soundsystem culture, newcomer Elliphant could be the exception.

Soaking up dancehall vibrations and bass techniques, Elliphant began developing her own flow. With English being her second language, the MC has an astute, surreal take on word play which is matched to a flow which is as unusual as it is addictive.

New track 'Down On Life' has just gained the video treatment. The camera pans across a Swedish beach, before Elliphant is shown riding into view on horseback. Switching to an industrial scene, then back to the sea the video matches Elliphant against a series of dancers.

It's vivid, eye catching and unlike anything you'll see today.

Watch it now.

- - -

'Down On Life' EP is set to be released on January 20th.

1. Down On Life
2. Tekkno Scene
3. Make It Juicy
4. In The Jungle
5. Ciant Hear It
6. Ciant Hear It (jungle mix)