Elli Ingram’s ‘Bad Behaviour’ Is A Document In Honesty

Check out her bold new album...

Elli Ingram has shared her new album ‘Bad Behaviour’ in full.

The songwriter spent a decade of her life trying to carve out an existence in music, trying to find some kind of entrance point. The pandemic wiped the slate clean, and provided space for a fresh start, a new way of working.

Putting her heart and soul into each note, Elli Ingram gradually found her voice once more. New album ‘Bad Behaviour’ is the end point of this journey, a document that represents a vision of pure truth from its author.

Album cut ‘No Plan B’ is a real mantra, an ode to the daring, the sheer sense of risk that propelled Elli Ingram throughout its gestation.

Out now, ‘Bad Behaviour’ comes equipped with a freshly shot video for album highlight ‘Fool’s Gold’. Set to play London’s Rough Trade East on July 20th, you can catch Elli on tour this Autumn.

She comments…

I had the concept for this album before I even wrote the first song. It felt like a lot of bad things were happening around me so I started to analyse people’s behaviour traits as well as my own. I saw a lot of things change and as a result of that I changed too. The growth I feel from writing these songs and finally putting them out to the world feels colossal.

Some change can be amazing, but some changes can be really fucking hard. Some people are good but some people are really fucking bad.

Tune in now.

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