Ella Isaacson Stuns On ‘Armageddon’

The singer-songwriter unleashes a wave of tender instrumentals...

A self-proclaimed “over-thinker”, singer-songwriter Ella Isaacson has mastered the art of introspective poetry. Following on from February single ‘Four Letter Word’, Isaacson is yet again honing her ability to twist pop into something beautifully tragic, delivering emotional intensity with awe-striking grace. In a wave of tender instrumentals, new single ‘Armageddon’ is set to tug on your heartstrings.

‘Armageddon’ is doused in a theatrical intensity, Isaacson’s impassioned vocals immersing the listener in the track’s building heartache. Every layer feels precisely crafted, culminating in a truly rich listening experience. Speaking on the track, Isaacson explains: “’Armageddon’ is a song I wrote after the worst breakup I’ve ever had. The love I had for this person turned sour; I became angry once I realized I had believed in all of his false promises. The good girl turned bad and it was war. “

Released via fresh TikTok distribution company SoundOn, the track follows on from 2021 EP ‘Chapters’. ‘Armageddon’ manages to capture a very different sound than the EP, it must be noted; the EP offers up sharply contrasting dance and acoustic-pop anthems. With writing credits on the likes of rapper Bryce Vine and K-pop girl group Aespa, it’s clear that Isaacson’s musical brain isn’t one to follow the beaten path.

Words: Emily Swingle

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